Baghdag bombing: two quotes and two comments.

Ben Pincas benpincas at
Tue Aug 26 07:30:09 MDT 2003

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Jose G. Perez wrote:

> >>Nevertheless, small elite bands or individual suicide bombers hitting
> non-military targets is terrorism, and it is not the way Marxists would
> fight the struggle.<<
> The UN folks in Iraq were clearly, without any doubt, operating a)
> within the framework of a UN-sponsored 13-year war against Iraq and b)
> under the auspices of and as a component part of the occupation
> administration the U.S. is trying to impose on Iraq by force of arms.
> People calling themselves "civilians" does not make them so. They were
> an integral part of an imperialist military invasion and occupation of a
> country and were treated as such.
I agree: the UN comprises logistical support for the occupiers by easing the burden of their responsibilities as occupiers.

One may well ask what is the the nature of their humanitarian mission and why the other organisations such as the Red Cross/Green Crescent were not used instead.

Defacto: The UN as a humanitarian force is completely unheard of in Iraq, the UN as an organisation which strictly implemented a ban on humanitarian supplies to Iraq during an embargo is well known.

The one is theory  - the other is fact... for the Iraqis.
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