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Ben Pincas benpincas at
Tue Aug 26 08:23:42 MDT 2003

>From my window, admittedly, a non-academic window, I see a revolution on the ground and the academics watching it as ... what?

Speaking generically, the Arab world, unlike the Blairs, Schroeders and Putins of this world, are not just going to wag the dog - they are going to whip it.

I see a phenomena in which the Iragi people have more control over the White House and Downing Street than USuk citizens.

I see impotence on the left in the US and UK: Why? Because they are, despite their excellent theoretical credentials, essentially a bourgeoise left - bourgeoise marxists.

They  make a greater fuss over UN or US dead than Iraqi or Palestinian deaths.

They are afraid not to appear "patriotic". (They might get arrested or boycotted at work)

They are picky-knicky about the morality of the violence of the revolting global peasants.

But I am glad. Why?

Because a political movement means movement - and things are moving, even though it is without one western so-called leftist lifting a finger to help.

I have been called an imperialist here - yet it is I not you who see every bodybag going back to the USuk as a GOOD THING in the marxist sense.

>From Afghanistan to Palestine - in a continuous uninterrupted band something is taking place which will define this century - it will be called the Arab century.

And so it will remain, if we marxists do not wake up out of beauty sleep and get involved.

>From my limited understanding of Marx (I prefer reading Trotsky) Marxists do not start revolutionary movements, but they get involved and increase the awareness of those involved.

Where is CAstro, the Chinese, where are the demostrations in western capital supporting  the evolution?

Nowhere - just the old Vietnam sysndrome, which consists of merely demonstrating against the war - not because it kills iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians, but because it kills bourgeoise american soldiers.

Instead of campaigning to bring the troops home, one could from a Marxist pointof view, campaign that they stay - and that the other powers should stay out.

The USuk has shirked its responsibilities in Afghanistan - leaving the Germans et al to take the heat there. Now they wish to do the same in Iraq - and some comrades find that good.

I have seem some lonely, forlorn e-mails from the Iraqi Communist Party - but have heard no support from their western comrades - ditto for the PKK in Kurdistan and Marxist comrades who actually fighting elsewhere.

The conclusion is clear - marxism int he west has become an intellectual pastime constisting of scoring points against each other and being dazzled by each others analytical brilliance.

However it is not here that history will be written and where the real dialectical leaps take place - that can only take place through practice - as Trotsky discovered.

I know I am being provocative - regard it as a bit of agit prop from an english jew who has far more admiraton for my arab and south american comarades than for any of the anglo-american variety who are afraid of being unpatriotic - who are afraid of what the neighbours will say.

Blair beats in the heart of many on these lists: "I say, old chaps, let's have a revolution, but this time we'll be splendidly ethical about it"

I cry for us and cheer for real revolutionaries.

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