assessing risk, correction

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Aug 26 13:25:18 MDT 2003

Néstor reminds me that he and i discussed incidence of skin cancer due
to UV-B offlist, rather than onlist....

sooooooo ....

for those who are interested, Néstor convinced me that the areas
likely to see increased incidence of skin cancer due to increased UV-B
(dues to decreased ozone layer) are restricted in time (season) and
space (locations proximate to south pole).  Néstor has himself written
on this topic in Argentina.

Néstor also made some allusions to reasons why this might be
over-hyped. again i cannot remember if that was on or offlist.

But i think he mentioned onlist something where the issue was the
amount of time fair-skinned people spent in the sun. in a related

les schaffer

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