assessing risk

DMS dmschanoes at
Tue Aug 26 11:19:46 MDT 2003

Les wrote:
lets take another case: remember when some kids were partying on
a balcony and it collapsed? -- it was in Detroit i think.

now, one doesnt hear this too often, so is it not worth
commenting about? it would not be hard to convince even ardent
marxists like adam (sorry, couldnt help myself -;) that one
can make a connection between structural failures, and
engineering, and building inspection/codes, and the
system known as capitalism.

It was Chicago, Les.  And in this case capitalism has everything
to do with it as this area was gentrified in the 1980s, with
working people, poor people and the established residents moving
out of houses and being replaced by younger, richer, whiter off-
spring, love-children all of Reagan and Thatcher.

Old homes were taken over, gutted and redone, some with new
facades some not.  New homes were built in the "townhouse" mode
and because these children know that money can buy you love
and your freedom from building codes, much of this work was
never reviewed and certified as structurally sound for the
estimated loads.  And by the way, the same can be said of the
electrical wiring of this "rennovation period" architecture so
the whole thing might go up in smoke, which might be good or
bad depending on your location and mood.

So they were out there on the back porch, having a party and...

You know the rest.

When I lived on Ave. A in Manhattan, the Brooke Shields brigade
had done something similar on 3rd St.  One summer night they
were up there on the roof, in their khakis, etc. with a service
staff serving drinks and snacks  and.... a strolling musician!

I looked up, looked back  and said to my future ex-wife..."Kind
of makes me wish the Soviet Union has first strike capability."


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