Baghdad bombing: two quotes and two comments.

Robin Maisel robinmaisel at
Tue Aug 26 21:17:24 MDT 2003

    I find this to be an interesting discussion to observe since so many
of the participants at one time or another before the open (as opposed
to covert) invasion of Iraq began said such things as "let the
inspectors do their job" or "the inspectors are the only thing that
stands between Iraq and a US/UK invasion."  Of course, as we know, US
and UK imperialism were already undertaking military action through the
bombing campaign in the so-called "no flight zones" (for almost a year
prior to the "official" start date) and using special forces to "prepare
the ground" for the invasion.  Those who had such illusions, or the
illusion that the antiwar demonstrations could stop or prevent the
imperialists' war, should look more closely at the events preceding the
    First, there is a certain factual vacuum in the discussion taking
place here.  Who did the bombing?  What were or are their aims?  What is
the political impact of anonymous acts of bombing - within the Iraqi
population (first) and among opponents of the occupation (and the war)
(second).  And, finally, what proposals for future action do the
participants in the current discussion propose?
August 25, 2003
10:15 pm cdt

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