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Ben Pincas benpincas at
Wed Aug 27 02:53:29 MDT 2003

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, Mark Lause wrote:

> My windows pretty clear.  If I were comparing the feebleness of western
> Marxist Left to the rising tide of the jihad, I'd give them another go
> with the Windex.

I agree. Good that you used the conditional in your sentence.

I see no Jihad, but something more familiar and fundamental.

We see people fightng against an occupation force - we could try gleening comparisons out of the writings of Trotsky about China. In those writings, Trotsky also reminds us to examine the class nature of Iraqi society to see if and where there is any support for for the occupiers.

But let us not forget to look at the matter regionally and globally.

Indeed, I was imagining last night a scenario in which the USuk manages or tries to set up a society in Iarq with structures similar to Venezuela - a rich bourgeoise class with the  masses below.

Saddam had setup a society with much state intervention - something which Iraqis have said on TV that they appreciated. Thus the occupiers have a long way to go, even if they manage to master the security situation.

Indeed, if the USuk manage to increase their support, it would turn the scenario of a people fighting against an occupier into the scenario of a civil war.

I am sure the occupiers would actually prefer such a scenario because that appeals to their experience in divide and rule. Indeed, they are already trying that in their propaganda broadcasts. Hence the insistance that the resistance consists only of old Saddam supporters and "foreigners".

Their use of the word "foreigners" though has to be only for western consumption since this nation state mentality is not so firmly established as it is here in the west.

Of course, it was Rumsfeld who tried to divide and rule in the EU by his use of the terms "old" and "new" Europe.

No, I see no Jihad unless, of course, you are arabising a Marxist term.

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