Labour MP calls for end of the system!

Richard Harris rhh1 at
Wed Aug 27 04:22:22 MDT 2003

      Hoon may be Hutton 'sacrificial lamb'

      Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon may have to resign as a result of the
Hutton Inquiry, a Labour MP on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee has
      Fabian Hamilton told the BBC there may have to be resignations within
the government once the findings of Lord Hutton's inquiry into the death of
Dr David Kelly are published.

      Mr Hoon and Prime Minister Tony Blair are set to give evidence later
this week about how the weapons expert was named as the source for a BBC
story that a government dossier about Iraqi weapons was "sexed up".

      Mr Hoon, who is due to give evidence on Wednesday, has borne the brunt
of criticism for the emergence of Dr Kelly's name.

      Mr Hamilton said he could be forced to be a "sacrificial lamb".

      He told BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour he had heard Mr Hoon "believes
this is the end of his career".

      He said: "If the government is in real trouble they are going to look
for somebody to draw the fire off of the prime minister.

      "Already there have been briefings in the press that Geoff Hoon is
prepared to fall on his sword and take the blame.

      "But that would be to miss the point and I don't think Lord Hutton is
going to miss the point.

      "It is not down to one individual or two individuals, Geoff Hoon or
Alastair Campbell.

      "It is down to the system of government that is in place."


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