Iraq: Why the UN was bombed - Green Left Weekly #551 August 27, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
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Issue #551 August 27, 2003

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Featured this week: Iraq: Why the UN was bombed
Contrary to the imperialist leaders' and corporate media's almost
unanimous claim that the United Nations special representative to Iraq,
Sergio Viera de Mello de Mello was a "man of peace" who was only
administering "humanitarian aid" to Iraqis, in reality he was a cog in
the oppressive machine of the brutal US occupation of Iraq.

Why the UN's Baghdad office was bombed

Money for education - not war!
The `Tampa Affair': 2 years on

UNITED STATES: Why Gray Davis may be terminated
CANADA: Ontario needs a raise!
VENEZUELA: `A struggle for our America's future'
INDIA: Revolutionary leader dies
PALESTINE: Oppression in the name of `security'
NEW ZEALAND: West Papua solidarity activists meet
EUROPEAN UNION: Death at the border <197> who is to blame?
PALESTINE: `Rachel Corrie Mural' threatened
SWAZILAND: Commonwealth ignores violent attacks against peaceful Swazis
Tariq Ali: `The war is not going well for Bush'
UNITED STATES: Anti-war coalitions demand `Bring the troops home now!'
PHILIPPINES: Australia increases security ties
IRAQ: White House issues `progress' report
BRITAIN: Hutton inquiry further exposes Blair's Iraq lies
Will the US fake WMD `evidence'?
AFGHANISTAN: Washington, NATO confront rising tide of resistance

ACTU congress fails to break from lobbyist strategy
Buildings workers protest
The decline of the Aboriginal protest movement
`Dry zone' laws are racist
Editorial: Hanson outlived her usefulness for Howard
ALP winds-up Walk Against War Coalition
Workers oppose funding cuts to Anti-Discrimination Board
Beating around the Canberra bushfire
A woman's place is in the struggle: Protesting Miss University
Save the Tarkine
Newcastle rail line: connecting the city
Carmen finds resonance for ALP presidency

IRC waters down union agreements
AMWU organiser sacked by fax
Beach destruction to be resisted
Community scepticism at local pool advisory group
Qantas launches assault on unionised workers
ACT teachers' union leadership accepts pay deal
NTEU rally protests attack on higher education
Fair Go campaign launched
Asylum seekers' deportation delayed

NOFX: fun-loving hedonists to radicals
Uncle Sam, hatred and hypocrisy
Terminator 3 or how I learned to stop worrying and love Arnie
Cartoonist fired over Israel views
Feminism without limits
Theatre beyond the factory walls
On the box

Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
Loose cannons

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