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Subject: CP of Turkey (TKP), TKP Bulletin No: 35

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                    CP of Turkey (TKP), TKP Bulletin No: 35


From: Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) Tuesday, August 26, 2003

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TKP BULLETIN No: 35 - August 25th, 2003


Concerning Iraq’s future…

Support to KESK

Women Laborers Discussing

Concerning Iraq’s future…
Just as in the rest of the world, the explosion of the United Nations
headquarters in Baghdad triggered a series of new arguments in Turkey. It
is interesting that the issue is being dealt with under the heading of
the war against terror. That those resisting the occupying forces are
labeled as terrorists not only by the US but also by United Nations
administrators should unfortunately be regarded as a great achievement of
imperialist propaganda.

However, this is not the only topic that needs to be argued. More
correctly, whether or not an armed resistance gaining an important part
of its energy from the reactionary Saddam regime should be labeled as
“terror” is linked to how other much more comprehensive
questions are answered.

The first of these questions is this: Can we see the occupation in Iraq
as a completed case? In the case of an affirmative answer to this
question, it is inevitable that such realpolitik topics as “the
reconstruction of Iraq”, and “directing Iraq’s
future” will cross our path.

Saddam has been overthrown, a great vacuum of authority has appeared and
extremely complicated forces have started moving around in this vacuum.
Therefore, if we were to start our calendars from the 1st of May, we
could understand that the fixation of the progressive forces in Iraq
concerning their demands for the normalization of political and economic
life and the speeding up of the evacuation of the occupying forces is
justified from many aspects.

However, to start counting the days as of May 1, the day when Bush
declared the termination of the war, is neither important for Iraqis nor
other peoples in the region. There is an occupation and the acceptance of
such an occupation is out of the question. The normalization of political
and economic life in Iraq will not mean anything other than the settling
down of the occupying forces in case we do not start the process from May
1st. Yet the vital issue today is to ensure that the US presence in Iraq
is not legitimized in any way, and this is not only the cause of the
Iraqis, but of all mankind. It is an obvious truth that just as
Iraq’s future will be determined by the struggle of the Iraqi
people, the presence of the occupying countries in this country cannot be
seen as “domestic affairs”.

>From here we come to another question. Is it possible for a United
Nations presence in Iraq to take on a balancing role as against US
domination? An answer to this question is also critical for the
determination of a strategy of struggle. It is clear that a political
approach pushing the United Nations (even in its current form) to the
sidelines is unacceptable.

The United Nations should be continued to be seen as an area of struggle,
should be used as a platform where imperialist aggression is exposed, and
the gains achieved by this institution to this day should be guarded.
However, while all this is being done one should stay away from any type
of misperception. Today the United Nations holds no meaning except to
legitimize the occupation and coordinate the pillage of the country by
the imperialist powers. The United Nations will play a mediating role for
the entry of other armed forces into Iraq, along with IMF delegations (it
is sufficiently explanatory that they were in the building during the
explosion) and multinational monopolies. In the process of doing all of
this, a progressive role cannot be accredited to an organization of which
the General Secretary quotes: “we are not responsible, the
responsibility lies with the US”.

Then what will happen? Will it not be possible to find a realistic way
out in Iraq?

Actually this question is not only valid for Iraq. From now on the way
out for any country and region faced with imperialist intervention, is
through the normalization of the struggle, and not the intervention. The
immediate realization of this cannot be expected. However, it is as clear
as day that the US and other imperialist countries can only be obstructed
through a people’s resistance with specific ideological and
political aims. What needs to be propagated for the period ahead is this
type of a mission and if it is not seen as “realistic,” the
“realism” in the expectation that a “democratic”
type of exploitation in the lands the US has settled in will be created
should be explained.

By Kemal Okuyan
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey
(appeared in "The Communist", weekly of TKP no:129)


Support to KESK
TKP Ankara district office attended the demonstration together with the
Syndicate of Public Labourers, KESK, on the 23rd of August.

The demonstration was organized to protest the government’s
attitude towards workers’ organizations in mass contract
negotiations. As a result of the government’s unacceptable
behavior, KESK was forced to abandon negotiations and to show the power
of workers in the streets.

The Communist Party of Turkey supported workers in the negotiations and
as a continuation of this support, TKP participated in the meeting.

Although there were some attempts to hinder the demonstrators, the
meeting took place for several hours in the center of Ankara

Women Laborers Discussing
TKP Yenimahalle district office organized a meeting for working women on
the 23rd of August in Yenimahalle, Ankara. In the meeting, women from
different industries discussed their problems and searched for solutions.
The emphasis was put on the struggle for socialist power and the
necessity of organization.


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