Labour MP calls for end of the system!

Martin Spellman martinwriter at
Wed Aug 27 09:17:52 MDT 2003

	My reading of all this is that Geoff Hoon will go. The man is a colourless
careerist, like many of the New Labour people, and will not be missed.
During  the 'war' the Chief of the Defence Staff briefed the Cabinet
directly so what function does the Minister of Defence have anyway?

	The obnoxious Alastair Campbell will go too and no one will cry over that

	Andrew Gilligan the BBC journalist will resign/be sacked for the sake of
symmetry and fair play.

	And that will be it. The enquiry has taken the heat out of the 'suicide'.
There will doubtless be some recommendations for the future but the central
facts have been pushed aside so Blair is in no danger. MediaLens, run by a
couple of anarchist journos, has shown that Blair changed his position on
WMD. At first he went along the line that France; Germany and Russia took
and had little or nothing to say on WMD. But when the US decided to go in
and use WMD as the pretext he changed his mind/line and rowed in with them.
Of course, none of the globe-trotting know-it-all journos have even thought
to ask him about this.

	There will be a demo in London on Saturday 27 September. This is just prior
to the Labour Conference, which is more a commercial trade fair these days.
Next week is the TUC -- will anybody notice?

Martin Spellman

>       Hoon may be Hutton 'sacrificial lamb'
>       Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon may have to resign as a result of the
> Hutton Inquiry, a Labour MP on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee has
> said.

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