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Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Aug 27 12:02:46 MDT 2003

[ Melvin: i am not going to post yet again your excerpts, as we
already have it in full in the archives. why not just quote paragraph
numbers. or if you like, i can make an html version of your article
with paragraph numbers. Les ]

>The assumption that classes constitute monoliths (with the addition of a
distinct class of black workers) just rings hollow.  The discussion
seems to go sour when that sociological assumption is allowed to trump
the obvious need to unravel historical processes that involve internal
contradictions that exist within these classes.

In fact, some of these discussions of class, class interests and
productive forces are so mechanistic that it makes me wonder whether
we're talking about Dilbert Marx rather than Karl.

Mark L. <

I accept your challenge and present an excerpted version of part
1. What is being discussed is slavery. Let the reader judge for
themselves. I have not the slightest idea of what you are talking
about. What I speak of in unmistakable terms is the property relations
and forms of labor and the form in which labor power was purchased. I
was not writing about black or white workers or race categories but
property relations and forms of labor. In other words you invented a
straw man.

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