David Kelly: today with the UK Defence Minister - addendum

Richard Harris rhh1 at nildram.co.uk
Wed Aug 27 16:13:29 MDT 2003

Sorry comrades, by mistake I missed out the first section of this
examination.  It importantly sets the context.

I think it is a textbook cross-examination.


4 Q. We know that Dr Kelly's body was found on 18th July.
5 Can I take you to TVP/3/238, which is an interview
6 with Peter Sissons. He says this:
7 "The death was a great tragedy. Our thoughts of
8 course are with his wife, with his family and with his
9 friends and colleagues at the MoD, and obviously in the
10 wider scientific community, this is a very great
11 personal tragedy. He killed himself after your
12 department, indeed you personally outed him as the
13 probable mole."
14 You say this:
15 "I'm afraid that's simply not right, and as the
16 evidence that the department will give to the Inquiry
17 will show, we followed very carefully established MoD
18 procedures, and at all stages, certainly as far as
19 I personally was concerned, we protected his anonymity."
20 We have heard that in fact the department confirmed
21 his name to journalists. We have heard from you that
22 the department issued a press statement to the effect
23 that a man had come forward, all at a time when no-one
24 knew for sure that he was the single source. Do you
25 still hold by your answer that the Ministry of Defence

1 followed established procedures and protected his
2 anonymity?
3 A. Yes, I do; and the only person that I named Dr Kelly to
4 was Gavyn Davies in a private letter that was not for
5 publication.
6 Q. Were you aware that there has been some evidence that
7 Mr Taylor, who I think is your special adviser, is that
8 right?
9 A. Yes.
10 Q. Had confirmed Dr Kelly's name to journalists?
11 A. Hmm.
12 Q. Were you aware of that?
13 A. I was not specifically aware at the time but I -- excuse
14 me. I have learned since that that happened, yes.
15 Q. And what is your view on that?
16 A. Well, I assume that that was consistent with the
17 question and answer process that had been agreed within
18 the department. I do not think it occurred in any
19 earlier timeframe.
20 Q. The question and answers material that your special
21 adviser knows about but you did not?
22 A. I did not see the question and answer, but I was
23 obviously aware of the advice that I had received that
24 if the right name was given to an MoD press officer they
25 should confirm it. I am not suggesting -- I am not

1 suggesting, for a moment, that I was not aware of that;
2 and obviously my special adviser would have been aware
3 of it as well.
4 Q. Do you know whether Dr Kelly was told that that was
5 a proposed approach?
6 A. He was certainly told and agreed to the fact that
7 a press statement was to be issued because that had been
8 done on the -- at least on the Tuesday, the day before
9 the events that you are describing.
10 Q. But I have taken you to the first draft of the Q and A
11 which says: can't tell you anything until we have spoken
12 to Dr Kelly and I have taken you to the second draft
13 which appears to have been deployed which changes. Was
14 Dr Kelly told of the change as far as you know?
15 A. Not as far as I know.
16 Q. Are you aware of anything else relating to the
17 circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly's death that you can
18 assist his Lordship with?
19 A. (Pause). I am certainly aware that the FAC asked for
20 Dr Kelly to provide a list of all of the contacts that
21 he had had with journalists and that that was something
22 that he was working on in the period immediately before
23 his death, and certainly I know that people have
24 speculated about the impact of preparing that list on
25 his frame of mind at the time, but I cannot go further

1 than that speculation.

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