Kucinich on Cuba

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 27 23:59:40 MDT 2003

This from the latest Kucinich campaign mailing. Impressive how quickly they
manage to react to the latest Dean shift. Even though I won't be voting for
him (or any Democrat), it's still somewhat depressing that Kucinich is only
receiving 1% support in the polls. Evidently it's a measure of how much
progressives in this country are so desperate for a winner that even before
the first primary is held they're willing to abandon their principles. After
all, Kucinich delegates could always throw their support to Dean, or anyone
else, at the convention. So the fact that progressives don't even seem to
want to have those delegates in the first place (many primaries, though not
all, use proportional representation, and not winner take all voting) either
says that compromise (or sell-out, if you prefer) is their middle name, or
else there really isn't as much progressive sentiment as I think there is.
I'm definitely hoping it's the former.

DEAN VS. DENNIS ON CUBA: More Embargo vs. Immediate End
The Kucinich position is clear: "Our policy toward Cuba has failed. More
than four decades of a unilateral embargo and persistently hostile and
aggressive rhetoric and actions from successive administrations have
created only misery for the Cuban people and have hurt, not helped, U.S.
interests at large. A Kucinich Administration will work for repeal of
the Helms-Burton Act and the immediate lifting of the trade embargo."

Meanwhile the Miami Herald reported on Tuesday that "Howard Dean says he
is shifting his views on the trade embargo with Cuba...Dean said he
supports rolling back the embargo in order to encourage human rights
advancements -- but citing Fidel Castro's recent crackdowns on
dissidents, says that in recent months he has become convinced that 'we
can't do it right now.'"

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