A Symbol of Human Potential

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Thu Aug 28 04:09:11 MDT 2003

Brian Wilson is Labour MP for Cunninghame North  writes in today's Guardian
about Cuba:

Revolution revisited


Cuba's primary service to the world has been to provide living proof that it
is possible to conquer poverty, disease and illiteracy in a country that was
grossly over-familiar with all three. That is a pretty big service. The fact
that it has been delivered in the face of sustained hostility from an
obsessive neighbour makes it all the more stunning.


Cuba's problems are immense. Socialism in one country is still a
contradiction in terms. For those who go to Havana only in order to sneer,
there are political paradoxes on every street corner. All true, all the
inevitable product of 40 years of siege, but also all irrelevant to the
bigger picture of what Cuba represents as a symbol of human potential.



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