The class struggles in Holand: notes

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Thu Aug 28 17:58:52 MDT 2003

The newspaper Het Parool reports today that a large number of parties in the
Central Amsterdam District Council is in favour of the idea that parts of
the inner city will be zoned for licensed parking only. If this goes ahead,
it will not longer be possible to park there with a ticket purchased from a
vending machine nearby.

In other news: a majority of Dutch parliamentarians considers that the Dutch
government did not present a false picture to the public of the threat posed
by Iraq. Socialist Party MP Van Bommel  said that the parliamentary debate
on Iraq was "disappointing". He wanted more attention for the heavy workload
of Dutch military staff in Iraq, and the quality of reports about Iraqi
weapons of mass destruction. He noted that "the government refuses to admit
in any way that it made mistakes. This summer the Minister [of Defence] said
that the tour of duty for Dutch military would be six months, now it turns
out to be four months. An error in assessment which is not admitted as such.
A few months ago, the government said that there is no depleted uranium in
the Al Muthana province, which Dutch personnel are deployed. Now it appears
that there may be depleted uranium, and an American investigation is
pending. Such an investigation could have been done earlier, because it was
asked for early on. Criticism of various intelligence reports about Iraqi
weapons of mass destruction is shrugged off as unimportant, and
parliamentary questions are disregarded." He expressed concern for the
health and safety of Dutch personnel in Iraq, as previously expressed by the
Dutch soldiers' unions, and appealed for openness by the Dutch Government
about the issue.

Full text of Van Bommel's speech at

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