Orwellian Language Games

Alexander Nevermind sartre2025 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 28 20:56:30 MDT 2003

"I think the stakes are extremely high in getting it right in Iraq. . . .
This has become one of the main fields of battle against global terrorism,
and we cannot allow the terrorists to have their way there. Secondly it is
an important place to succeed because it does provide a new model of how
governments in that region can organize themselves to be responsive to the
needs of their people, in short, democracy."

- Paul Bremer

If the victors get to write history, then they also choose the mode of
language in which it is presented. There are no terrorists in Iraq; I
repeat, THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS IN IRAQ. Once invaded, a nation holds the
right to defend itself, and the guerillas in Iraq are doing just that. This
principle is key to the U.N. Charter, a meaningless document to the Bush
administration in March, but of particular relevance now that Bush desires a
helping hand from the international community.



Every commodity you produce is a piece of your own death.

- Slacker

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