URL or Post?

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 29 09:57:06 MDT 2003

Date sent:      	Sun, 24 Aug 2003 18:19:11 -0500 (CDT)
From:           	* * <alpha at pnews.org>

> I'm old school and I use fetchmail in Linux to retrieve my mail and stay
> online or I can close down my dialup but it is still annoying for me to
> fetch whole articles and some are excessively long and uninteresting, when
> I can also retrieve them with a link. It just seems to me that it makes
> infinitely more sense to provide the link and a very short synopsis
> besides the very important fact that it is more in keeping with Fair Use
> when you do so.>>>>

 IMHO  It seems to make infinitely more sense to provide the entire article since,
as  someone on the list has already pointed out, this way you are
left with a record of article in the case of its disssapearance from
the original source. For those of us who pay thier internet account
by a hourly rate, providing the entire article also saves people from
wasting unecessary time connecting to the net.

The Fair Use Doctrine should allow for discussion (it
> does) while constraining the amount of copying. While there isn't much
> litigation over this issue yet, there could be, and as a list owner with a
> bit more at stake than someone else's pleasure and possible abuse of the
> law,>>>>

 Think of all the litigation that would involve given the amount of the
 discussion groups in existence on the internet?
I would say that the odds of this happening are extremely remote.


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