Support the Pal Solidarity Movement Conference at OSU (Nov. 7-9)

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Dear Marxmail Subscribers:

Please attend the Third Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity
Movement, hosted by the Committee for Justice in Palestine, held at
the Ohio State University; also, please encourage organizations of
which you are a member to endorse the Conference and to urge their
members to attend it.

*****   From: Palestine Conference Announcements
<palestineconferenceannouncements at>


Call to Attend the Third Annual Conference of
The Palestine Solidarity Movement
November 7, 8, & 9 at Ohio State University

Email your registration to <registration at> or
register online at: <>


Dear Activists in the Palestine Solidarity Movement,

The organizing committee of the conference has passed a proposal to
change the conference location to Ohio State University and the date
to Nov 7-9, by the required 2/3 majority vote, and it is now time to
start building a successful conference oriented towards the
development of cohesive activist organizing strategies for the coming
year.  (A more in-depth explanation of why the conference host and
location were changed, as well as a detailed description of how this
vote took place can be found on the website:

Ensuring a democratically organized conference at OSU requires the
Organizing Committee of the Palestine Solidarity Movement be
transparent and representative of all groups.  If your organization
is not represented on the Organizing Committee it is extremely
important that you elect two members for your organization to
represent you.  (For more information on the democratic structure of
the movement, the voting procedure and the role of the Organizing
Committee, please visit:

Diverse national conference planning committees are now forming to
build an open and transparent conference.  All organizations can and
should plug into the national committees to help organize the
conference.  This structure is to help ensure that all organizations
have equal input and that the movement takes collective ownership
over the conference.  Organizations can have representatives join
whatever committee they want, but no more than one rep per group per
committee (The Host group CJP will have one rep on each committee to
facilitate communication and logistical needs between national
committees and the host).

Committees: To join Committees email the committee, and to find more
detailed descriptions of the committees, please visit:

1. Media Committee
media at

2. Security Committee
security at

3. Finance Committee
finance at

4. Brochure-Literature Committee
literature at

5. Web Committee
web at

6. Registration Committee
registration at

7. Proposal/Resolution Collection Committee
proposal at

8. Workshop Selection Committee
workshops at

9. Facilitation Committee
facilitation at

10. Outreach
outreach at

If you are interested in having delegates on the national organizing
committee, joining one of the subcommittees listed, or have
questions/comments about the committee structure, please send a
message to <organizingcommittee at>.   *****


* Bring Them Home Now! <>
* Calendars of Events in Columbus:
<>, & <>
* Student International Forum: <>
* Committee for Justice in Palestine: <>
* Al-Awda-Ohio: <>
* Solidarity: <>

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