The situation in Iraq

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Aug 29 19:21:37 MDT 2003

The situation in Iraq is quite extraordinary.  I have just visited the
Guardian site and looked over their headlines on Iraq.  It would appear
that one of the greatest mistakes ever made by an imperialist power is
being played out now in Iraq. It is of course early days and mistakes in
analysis can be easily made.  But I think that with the assassinations of
Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim and Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN Representative,
we are seeing the systematic destruction of the embryonic infra-structure
around the American & British conquerors.

And please let us have no nonsense about how de Mello was a nice man etc
who did great things in East Timor.  He was in Iraq not to help the people
of Iraq but to stabilise the imperialist effort.

His removal and the killing of Al Hakim who appears to have been
positioning the Shia behind the Americans while pretending to do otherwise
put the whole imperialist enterprise in grave danger.  It is important to
recall here Lou's remarks about Vietnam.  There the Americans did have a
colonial infrastructure they could rely on.  In Iraq they do not.

Having said that it must be obvious that I regard as mistaken Comrade
Gould's analysis which would liken what is happening in Iraq to the dying
reflexes of the Third Reich.  But this is an empirical matter and time will
prove one of use correct and the other very wrong.  And I am quietly
confident here.

Kofi Annan is precisely wrong but interestingly wrong when he says that it
is in "everyone's" interests to stabilise Iraq. The exact opposite is true.
A defeat for the Americans and British in Iraq would be epoch shaping and
point towards emancipation for the oppressed of the world & that is what we
should be hoping for.

Finally a word on terrorism.  I have no wish to play the lap-top general
here.  All war is repugnant to me, but unless one takes a consistent
universalist-pacifist position, one inevitably gets drawn into
contradictions. I am reminded of Pontecorvo's Battle of Algiers, when the
Algerian leader is asked to justify putting basket bombs in
restaurants.  He points out that the French have used airplanes to bomb
Algerian villages.  He says, 'Give us the air planes and we will give you
the baskets'.

What is happening in Iraq and Palestine is truly horrifying, but all of it
can be traced back to the machinations of the so-called civilised.  It is
the imperialists and those that would serve them who should receive our
condemnation above all else.



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