Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 29 23:16:55 MDT 2003

Jose forwarded this:

-----Original Message-----
From: Tyler Snortum-Phelps [mailto:tyler at votecamejo.org]
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2003 7:55 PM
To: Votecamejo at topica.com
Cc: followed by a long list of names

It's bad enough that Tyler Snortum-Phelps doesn't know enough not to send
out email with a long list of unconcealed email names. It's an even worse
idea to forward those email addresses onward. Exposing the email addresses
of people to a large group of people who they do not know is simply a very
bad idea.

Nothing against Jose, I'm just using this to make a general point to the

Get MSN 8 and help protect your children with advanced parental controls.

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