Will the Najaf bombing divide and weaken the Iraqi resistance against the occupation?

Lueko Willms Lueko.Willms at t-online.de
Sat Aug 30 04:31:47 MDT 2003

   That is the question -- the bomb, which was ostensibly aimed at
the leader of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution, who only
in May returned from his long exile in Iran, has killed, when one can
believe the news reports from CNN, more than 120 people who were at
the Mosque at the time of the Friday prayers. 

   In Baghdad and probably other parts of the country, demonstrations
took place to commemorate the killed Shia leader, and to protest the

   The bourgeois media now speculate about faction fights, speculate
about a fratricidal civil war in Iraq, and some are calling for more
occupation forces to "stabilize" the conquered country. 

   At the same time, the US forces play the game of offering "help"
in investigate the killing, and, according to CNN, try to stay in the

   So the action could really play into the hands of the occupation
forces by pitting different strands of opposition forces to the
occupation against each other, making the necessary unity more
difficult or even destroying the possibility of unity against the
invader for long time. 

   But it could also turn out as a phyrric victory for the
imperialists; according to CNN, the demonstrations protesting the
Najaf bombing protested both against the old Baath regime of Saddam
Hussein as well as the US-American occupation of the country. 

  It could awaken other forces and pushing them to give a stronger
and clearer leadership to the resistance against the occupation which
would isolate the reactionary pro-Saddam-loyalists and so providing
the real possibility for a strong and successful struggle against the
imperialist occupation. 

Lüko Willms
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