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(This stuff is not very political but eye-opening nonetheless. Deals with
phenomena like prozac use, suicide, etc.)

Dear Readers and Colleagues,

The Social Capital Foundation publishes today the 9th issue of The
International Scope Review. This is part I of a new anthology edited
between 2000 and 2003 by Patrick Hunout on the erosion of the social link
in the economically advanced countries.

Never the link that holds people together had seemed so weak. This book
explores this reality and provides explanations for the destructive trends
in our societies. The chapters we publish today bear on various phenomena
such as suicides, loneliness, the use of drugs, incivility, men-women
relationships, and the rise of the new religions. The direct link to the
editorial by Patrick Hunout, Didier Le Gall and Brent Shea introducing the
book follows:

The Social Capital Foundation is an independent, non-profit,
non-governmental organization, which was created in 2002. "Social Capital"
is about revitalizing the global cohesiveness of society. The Foundation
brings together people and organizations who would like to contribute to a
better future by reinforcing the social link between people, as opposed to
a more narrow economic focus that has held sway for the past three decades
or more. If you feel that you can participate to this objective in one way
or another, feel free to contact the Foundation at
secretary at
<mailto:secretary at>.

Kind regards,

The Social Capital Foundation - The International Scope Review

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