Capitalism, slavery and the Brenner thesis; part 2

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Aug 30 15:37:38 MDT 2003

>The view of Africans as not quite human was articulated by those who had a
>property interest in slavery.  Obviously, slavery existed coincidentally
>with developing capitalist relations of property and social production.
>Obviously British landlords could and did hold slave plantation is the
>colonies, and free farms in Britain.  Sow why are we surpised about their
>particularly vicious ideologies?

You just included 21 thousand bytes of an article that should have been
clipped. Don't do this again. The delete key is on the lower righthand side
of your keyboard. Highlight all text extraneous to your reply and then
depress the delete key.

As to your argument, there is no point answering it because it involves a
tautology. You define capitalism as exclusively based on free labor. Then
you are limited to examples that only involve free labor. Thus, you end up
going around in circles.

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