Capitalism, slavery and the Brenner thesis; part 2

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Actually Lou, this might come as a shock, but the questions weren't directed
towards you.

But now that you've taken the time to refuse to engage those questions based
on a shortage of time, etc. I'd like to point out now that while you
initially proclaimed that your analysis would be a response to the article
by Post, you have so far not engaged those questions, that analysis either.
Will that be forthcoming in Parts 3 & 4?

Now the posing of the questions was simply done to clarify what I consider
to be the critical issue of contention, discussion, analysis.

Be that as it may, I am going to fork over $64, subscribe to the Journal of
Agrarian Change, get the article, which I may or may not agree with and post
an analysis, and I try to answer the questions others ask of me, including
straight up responses that I don't have the answers not if but  when I don't
have the answers.

I understand your intention to not "show David Schanoes anything."  Indeed,
to date you haven't.

Enjoy the coffee.

But I take your refusal to engage those questions to be all
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> DMS wrote:
> >Let me beg the indulgence of list and ask what I consider to be the
> >pertinent question:
> >
> >Did merchant capital, the market, under the impact of the slave trade,
> >create the social relations of modern capitalism.  If yes, show me. Show
> >the details of the transition to stripped, detached wage labor, the
> >capitalization of agriculture, and dispossessing of the agricultural
> >population resulting from the expansion of such trade, and moreover, the
> >transformation of implements of manufacture, their accumulation and
> >consolidation under a single owner, that then can command that labor and
> >animated in return by it.
> >
> >  Eric Williams never does it.
> I take the above about "Did merchant capital, etc." to be a rhetorical
> question. I have no intention of showing DMS anything, since my plate is
> filled an immense amount of material about reconstruction that I need to
> address. Furthermore, if Eric Williams did not succeed, I certainly
> >Now we could say, they put the money in the bank and the bank lends to
> >entrepreneur, and OK, but where does the labor, check that, the
> >come from?  His family?  OK, but that's not capitalism. So how does it
> >expand?  How does he finally hire others?
> More questions. Generally when questions come to me like why
> failed so rapidly when there was a "bourgeois-democratic revolution" that
> left the Northern ruling class in full control of the country, I try to
> answer them myself. I told Les the other night at Starbucks that I write
> lengthy analytical articles about subjects that matter to me because I
> don't see anybody else around who will provide the answers I am looking
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