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Between 1980 and 2002:  Foreign Direct Investment expanded by a factor of 10
to $7.1 trillion.

US has received the largest stock of FDI at $1.35 trillion.
In 2002, FDI flows to China were +$52.7 billion.
In 2002, FDI flows to USA  were -$98 billion.

China total FDI as of 1990: $25 billion
                                 2002: $448 billion

[my note: almost 90% of the sales of products from this FDI occur OUTSIDE
China.  So much for trade deficits.]

FDI Brazil  1980: $37 billion
                  2002: $236 billion

       Mexico 1990: $22 billion
                    2002: $154 billion

FDI in developing countries as percent of GDP:
                   1980: 13%
                   2002: 33%
Now, as a classicist, I must insist that capital does not exist separate and
apart from the class relations that created capital, so that when somebody
is bemoaning a "shortage" of capital, that means bemoaning a shortage of

At the same time, those who find the source of the predicament in
overproduction are quite proud of the fact that this includes the need to do
away with an overproduced bourgeoisie.

hugs a bunch.

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