Jose Perez & Iraq Part 2

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Aug 31 18:28:34 MDT 2003

Bob Gould writes, about my response to his two part post: "Abuse is
usually the sign of a weak argument."

I am sorry if Bob feels abused. I know he is a person that has been
identified with the revolutionary and workers movement for decades. I
respect that and respect him for it. I tried in my posts to make clear I
was characterizing and criticizing a specific political position, a
mistake, and not railing against a person. 

The characterization is very sharp because the mistake is very serious.
Bob does not see this resistance in the framework of the anticolonial
revolution of modern times. He views it EXCLUSIVELY as the death throes
of a particularly nasty bourgeois regime. 

That radically false starting point leads him towards all kinds of
conclusions --some of which, as I point out, he fails to follow through
on, much to his credit-- which reflect the pressure of bourgeois and
petty-bourgeois public opinion in the imperialist countries in which
most of us live. 

Bob says he is trying to pick his way through a complicated situation.
And it is true that the situation for revolutionary fighters in Iraq is
extremely complicated, to say nothing of dangerous. My point, however,
is that it is not complicated FOR US. It isn't complicated because the
overriding axis of our work and our positions is dictated by what "our"
governments have done. "Our" governments have placed the boot of
military occupation on the throat of the Iraqi people. And I submit the
response to that is not "complicated." 

That's the point of the Harlan County song. The question ACTUALLY posed
for us are NOT the best tactics in the underground struggle against the
occupation within Iraq, whether it should be primarily a military
struggle or some other kind of struggle, etc. etc. etc. The question
actually posed for us is: which side are you on?


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