Latest Baghdad bombings

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun Aug 31 18:52:12 MDT 2003

>>am I neglecting my "duty" to the "revolution" if I don't discuss Iraq at

I hadn't meant it the way you took it, and vice versa; that's e-mail for
you. Individuals do specialise and also stay out of certain fields, but at
the same time I'd say a revolutionary who didn't take an interest in the
main political issue gripping international public opinion was making a
mistake. Anyway, what I meant was that *in the context of discussing Iraq*
our main responsibility is etc etc. To which you reply:

>>I've always been of the mindset that people's main responsibilities ought
to be determined by them , and that them taking this step is far more
revolutionary than taking your queues from professional revolutionaries.<<

Fair enough. But at the same time, each of us entitled to an opinion as to
where the movement as a whole should focus. I think if the movement in the
west is more concerned to approve or condemn what people are doing in Iraq
than it is to fight its own ruling class, that's a bad sign.

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