Jose Perez & Iraq Part 2

Ozleft ozleft at
Sun Aug 31 21:08:43 MDT 2003

By Ed Lewis,

Jose, I'm not Bob Gould. Bob and I both post from this list occasionally,
but we're not the same person. I said I disagreed with Bob on a number of
points, specifically the analogies with Europe (in particular the werewolf

My simple answer to your simple question is that I'm on the side of the
Iraqi masses against imperialism, and I know Bob Gould pretty well, and so
is he. So let's be clear, that's the framework in which this discussion
takes place. Get a grip, argue your case and drop the hasty

Louis asks if I've been reading the material he has posted about the Iraqi

Yes, most of it, and more besides. There's more to this discussion than
Bob's rather silly speculation about werewolves.

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