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Sat Feb 1 10:40:29 MST 2003


Couple of loose ends I want to tie up.  Allow me to latch onto the
slander/conciliatory issue.

No doubt about, LBO brings out the worst.  Talk about dog-shit....and....

I most definitely agree, that we shouldn't take up too much time and or
bandwith with combat shorn of its history.  BUT it's the history that

For what it's worth, and this my personal opinion only, to truly be
conciliatory and put bad blood to one side, all parties have to be
forthright about the context  and terms of the previous conflicts.  We don't
need to insist on a polite form, or polite forum, if the real  content
behind the form is going to be obscured.

So I think Tahir has the obligation to either defend his position on the
Taliban, in which case CJ's comments are justified; refute CJ's claims as to
his position on the Taliban; or acknowledge that he has changed his position
and present that change as the terms of conciliation.

Item 2: Origin of term labor aristorcracy.  As RR correctly points out, the
term originated with Marx/Engels.  But as RR proves (by quoting from Lenin's
works on imperialism citing Engels), the development, the application, the
work to give the term status as a tool of historical materialism, is
Lenin's.  The issue is not one of pedigree, but rather of use.

Item 3.  Surrealist torture.  What a great idea.  "Up against the cubist
wall, motherfucker."  "Tell us everything you know about automatic writing
or else."  "Identify this not a pipe, not an apple."  "Who's code name is
the Andalusian Dog?"  "Who's the Exterminating Angel, Fata Morgana?"
Wait a minute... no good.  Surrealist prisons?  Oxymoron.  Famous
surrealist tract "Open the Prisons, Disband the Army."  Damn!

Item 4. Speaking of the Great Train Robbery, the Great (and now late?) Train
Robber himself appeared on stage with the Sex Pistols, singing I believe,
the  Greatest Rock n' Roll Song in history 'God Save the Queen.'  Brazil
right? Didn't he cut a tune with S. Vicious? 'God Save.....' is the greatest
RnR song in history.  I will not respond to any disagreement on that point.
Of course, there is no accounting for taste.

Item5:  In a separate study of NASA shuttle safety, a team of engineers,
scientists, statisticians estimated that chances of catastrophic failure for
the shuttle were 1 in 75 flights.  Shuttle has now had 113 flights with 2
catastrophic failures.

Item6.  Anybody dig up any more info on real levels of Chinese unemployment?


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