Clean Slates (was Slander Court)

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Sat Feb 1 19:16:59 MST 2003

>>Let's try and put bad blood behind us. I think
that LBO Talk brings out the
worst in everybody (didn't somebody liken it to
the Jerry Springer Show?) I
think that Tahir has been conciliatory here, so
we should start with a
clean slate.
Louis Proyect, Marxism mailing list:<<

Well Louis, how conciliatory would you be if
somone accused you of slander and lied while
doing it? Let me see. An example that comes to
mind is when none other than Doof Henwood himself
came on your list recently. you
weren't too conciliatory actually.

It's your choice. It's your list. I said what I
have to say about Tahir Wood. If he wants to
retract the dog shit stuff, I'll apologize too
and we can have a clean slate. I suggest you
yourself seek a clean slate with some other
people as well.

Charles Jannuzi

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