URGENT ACTION: Death threats against Andy Higginbottom

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URGENT ACTION: Death threats against Andy Higginbottom

Urgent Action

The Colombia Solidarity Campaign strongly denounces the events of Friday,
January 31st in London, England, and call on trade unionist, human rights
workers, and individuals to send messages of concern.

The Events

1. At 4.00am on Friday 31st of January Andy Higginbottom, Coordinator of the
Colombia Solidarity Campaign left his house to travel to Bogota, Colombia.
He had been invited to Cali, Colombia, as a representative of the Colombia
Solidarity Campaign to accompany SINTRAEMCALI workers in their recent
conflict with the Colombian government over the possible 'privatisation' of
the Municipal Enterprises of Cali (EMCALI EICE).
2. At about 4.30am his wife received a phonecall. The caller asked "Is this
Andy's house", and when she replied "Yes", the caller (a male) said "Andy
will die soon". About 5 minutes later the same caller rang back and said
"We're going to get Andy".
5. She has reported the events to the police, who are investigating the
source of the call.
6. It should be noted that Andy Higginbottom and the Colombia Solidarity
Campaign had organised a picket outside the Colombian Embassy in
Knightsbridge, London on Wednesday, January the 29th. At this event Andy
Higginbottom spoke with the an embassy assistant, and informed her that two
members of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign would be going to Cali. The
following day he emailed the assistant with details of the flight
arrangements and passport details.
7. SINTRAEMCALI, is the Municipal Workers Trade Union of the Public
Enterprises of Cali, which represents workers in the state owned provider of
electricity, water and telecommunication in Cali, Colombia. It has been
engaged in several years of resistance to Colombian government attempts to
privatise the company. During that period 8 members of the union have been
assassinated, many displaced from the city and country, and many other have
received death threats by mail and telephone.
8. The Colombia Solidarity Campaign is a human rights and solidarity
organisation which works with Colombian trade union and social organisations
to promote respect for human rights, and peace based on
social justice.


1) Please send letters, faxes, and emails calling on the Colombian
Government to safeguard the Human Rights of Andy Higginbottom and other
members of the Colombian Solidarity Campaign present in Colombia, and all
those individuals and organisations involved in the defence of EMCALI EICE
who are exercising their internationally ratified human rights of collective
organisation, right to assembly, and freedom of thought.

Send urgent messages of protest to:

Presidente de la Republica de Colombia
Dr. Alvaro Uribe Velez
Palacio de Narino, Carrera 8 No.7-26 Santafe de Bogota, COLOMBIA
Fax: 00 57 1 286 74 34/286, 68 42/284 21 86
E-mail: auribe at presidencia.gov.co; rdh at presidencia.gov.co

Vicepresidente de la Republica de Colombia
Francisco Santos Consejeria Presidential de Derechos Humanos
Calle 7, No 654, Piso 3 Santafe de Bogota, COLOMBIA
Fax: 00 57 1 337 1351
E-mail: mdn at cable.net.co; infprotocol at mindefensa.gov.co;
siden at mindefensa.gov.co

Ministro del Interior y Justicia
Fernando Londono Hoyos Ministerio del Interior y Justicia
Palacio Echeverry, Carrera 8a, No.8-09, piso 2o., Santafe de Bogota,
Fax:00 57 1 286 8025
E-mail: mininterior at myrealbox.com;

With Copies to:

British Consulate, Cali, Colombia britaincali at uniweb.net.co
British Embassy, Bogota Political.Bogot at fco.gov.uk
Colombian Embassy (UK): mail at colombianembassy.co.uk
Bill Rammell MP Under Secretary of State Foreign Office
james.morrison at fco.gov.uk
CUT Human Rights Department: derechoshumanos at cut.org.co
Colombia Solidarity Campaign (UK) colombia_sc at hotmail.com

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