How long before conspiracy theories ...

Rob Ryan robryan at
Sun Feb 2 10:38:19 MST 2003

It was pointed out to me that there is a remarkable contrast between the
treatment afforded to the 7 dead astronauts and that afforded to the how
many workers who died in the recent explosion of at the pharmaceutical

This is an interesting contradiction in capitalist culture which is
deserving of better treatment than I can give it.  In general when "public,"
or should I say "state" employees, especially police and fire fighters are
injured or die on the job, a huge fuss is made. At that point, it seems "we"
is one big sad family. But when "average, ordinary, everyday" workers die -
nothing or even worse, incredible efforts to deny them either justice or
compensation. "We", in short, doesn't exist.

Rob Ryan

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