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From: "Dayne Goodwin" .
> The Bolsheviks were pretty effective anti-war activists in Russia
> early last century.  They may not have been able to stop World War I but
> they did get the Russian government out of it.

1.Really?  What Russian government are your referring to?  The Russian
Revolution got the Russians out of WWI by OVERTHROWING  the Russian
government and replacing it with a government of the soviets.  A mere
technicality, I'm sure, to those who know so much more about building mass
broad-based movements than those of us, not in the SWP, but absolutely
convinced that  this movement will fail in every measure if the linkage
between capital, war, and class delineated direct action is not introduced
and does not replace the LCD approach currently being employed.

I'll tell you what, brother Dayne, if we had a Bolshevik party, if we had
soviets, or the history of the soviets taking exercising power during
wartime (remember 1905?) I'd feel a whole lot more confident in your remarks
about ultra=lefts who share nothing in common with SWP, but share in a
common  sense of urgency about proposing this struggle along class lines
within the current coalitions.

To ignore the crucial organs of a class' power in favor of "pressure," is
more than a misreading of history, it's an obstruction to shattering the
dominating force of bourgeois analyses.

So before you make pronouncements about pressure and politics, study the
terms of power.

2. Space shuttle?  Before we go too far with this, may I cite history again
and suggest we all review the actions of students in NYC who, hours after
the Challenger explosion, were making lists of teachers they would most like
to see on the next space shuttle?


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