Feb 15 fight for rights to protest

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 Mike Friedman:

 , and in THIS way "take the
> discussion beyond the
> bourgeois parameters of "rights," "liberties," etc." Ultraleft blather to
> the contrary, this is the way to "go beyond obscuring ideology," in action
> and not just in "discussion."


  Thinking it's so, doesn't make it so.  And the great transition which you
say is the way forward, the transformation of a mass US movement from and
through issues of non class specific democratic rights to a program for
class action HAS never occurred.  Thinking it will happen has been shown to
be self and mass delusion.  I think "shared madness" is an apt description.

Didn't happen with Vietnam, didn't happen in the 70s/80s with the US led
counter-revolutions inf Central, Latin Americas, Caribbean, and Afghanistan.
Just didn't happen.

Please don't try and bring up the civil rights movement, as that wasn't
really a general mass movement, it was based on radical transformation of
labor conditions and property relations that confronted the very core of US
capital, and it never styled itself as a movement about democratic rights
abstracted from the economic/social circumstances of Afican Americans.
Moreover when it did become more explicitly class-consciousness the
leadership was destroyed and all the bullshit about civil liberties and
democratic rights being supported by the "majority of the working class," or
the majority of the population didn't stop a single fucking bullet.

Tell you what we should do, at the next rallies, let's compromise and allow
only one wannabe Democrat candidate for president to speak.  Jesse Jackson
or Al Sharpton, not both. And give the other spot to the train driver from
the UK who refused to handle munitions for the war.

Let's have only ONE religious leader invoke the blessings of Jesus, Allah,
God, etc, and give one of those spots to one of the longshore workers from
South Carolina so he can talk about the real basis of their struggle.
You like broad based movements, don't you?  You understand the importance of
compromise, don't you.  So let's compromise on that.


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