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>Other than an Israeli flag, which symbols of Zionism did he take with him?
>Danielle Ni Dhighe

 From Global Jewish Agenda:

"Israel's first-ever astronaut, Colonel Ilan Ramon, took with him into
space Holocaust-era art from Yad Vashem's Art Museum. While in space he
will perform a scientific experiment proposed and designed by a team of
five Israeli students from the ORT vocational high school in Kiryat Motzkin
in northern Israel. Ramon was launched into space on the shuttle Columbia
on Thursday. "It is a historic moment for Israel," said Minister of Defense
Shaul Mofaz of the launch.

Ilan Ramon, a colonel in the Israeli Air Force, contacted Yad Vashem
requesting a Holocaust related item to take with him on his launch into
space, due to the significance of the Holocaust to him as a Jew and as an
Israeli.  ... Yad Vashem chose Moon Landscape, a painting done by a
14-year-old Jewish boy, Petr Ginz, during his incarceration in the
Theresienstadt ghetto. ...

The experiment that Ramon will conduct, as reported in the Israeli
newspaper Globes, is designed to determine whether the lack of
gravitational forces in space affects the development of crystals. On
earth, when a liquid solidifies into fibers, the fibers grow in a direction
opposite to that of gravitational forces. The materials chosen for the
experiment contain calcium and magnesium, and when introduced into a
solution, will form blue and white crystals and symbolize the colors of the
Israeli flag....

"'Moon Landscape' connects the dream of one Jewish boy who is a symbol of
the talent lost in the Holocaust, to the journey of one Jewish astronaut,
who is a symbol of our revival."

complete text at http://www.jafi.org.il/agenda/2001/english/wk4-3/1.asp

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