Simbols of Zionism in Space

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Sun Feb 2 19:45:42 MST 2003

Well, if the Israeli flag, conmemorative coins of the
State of Israel, religious mementos related to the
struggle to constitute the state of Israel do not
count, then consider this: Ramon himself was a symbol
of Zionism.

A career military officer who was proud of having
participated in two military campaigns against Arabs
and Palestinians and volunteered and was part of the
air raiding party that blew up the Iraqi nuclear
installations few years back.

Or, you may consider these other pieces of
information: according to CNN, one of the missions of
the shuttle was a military observation over the Middle
East; the Israeli government built Ramon and his
participation in the Shuttle's crew as a symbol of the
state of Israel so much so that paid for the filining
of every second of the life of the guy for the last
four years; think about the symbolism, under the
present circumstances, of the participation of Ramon
and, if the info coming is correct, here is one more
piece: his political affiliation to Likud.


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