Symbols of Zionism in Space

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun Feb 2 20:02:00 MST 2003

>>Well, if the Israeli flag, conmemorative coins of the
State of Israel, religious mementos related to the
struggle to constitute the state of Israel do not
count, then consider this: Ramon himself was a symbol
of Zionism.<<

John, I accept that this guy is a symbolic Zionist figure. What I'm
cautious about is accepting that a painting from the ghetto is inherently
Zionist; or in your words, is a "religious momento related to the struggle
to constitute the state of Israel".

Because that is the logic the Zionists want us to swallow -- they want
moral validation from the Holocaust. If we accept that, the next step is to
accept that anti-Zionism is anti-semitic, and then we're done for.

Maybe this particular painting has some specific Zionist aspect, but no one
has actually said so.

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