(Spa) Book in English collects Chávez's speeches during Dec-Jan lockout

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Sun Feb 2 20:28:38 MST 2003

Follows a Prensa Latina (the Cuban agency) press release.

On the Marxism Mailing List, someone asked for good info on Latin
America (particularly on Argentina, but I guess the interest doesn't
stop at the River Plate) in English. Unfortunately, it is not easy to
find anything like that. Generally, one sees repetitions of abstract
and quite empty verbalizing by "leftist" groups, which is quite logic
if one comes to think about it: (a) these groups consider that the
world scenario is more important than their own domestic scenario,
(b) many of these groups have a petty bourgeois constitution with
strong influence of University students and teachers, (c) some of
them don't even care to attempt mass action in their local countries,
and some additional reasons.

Thus, it is good news to see that in a great editorial effort, a
Cuban publishing house has prepared an electronic edition of Chávez's
speeches during the PDVSA crisis, both in Spanish _and in English_.
Please note that during the last speeches Chávez began to speak of
the "fascists". It should be pointed out that the groups thus
described range from the extreme right to the extreme left. Please
don't adopt First World categories here.

The name of the publication is The Fascist Coup Against Venezuela.
Download as a .zip file: Speeches by Chavez.zip

The book (English version or Spanish version) can be retrieved as a
Zip file at http://www.prensa-latina.cu/
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Venezuela en la prensa alternativa
Tomado de http://www.prensa-latina.cu/


      Libro: El golpe fascista contra Venezuela

      Bajo el título El golpe fascista contra Venezuela se acaba de
publicar una recopilación de discursos del presidente venezolano Hugo
Chávez Frías, pronunciados durante diciembre de 2002 y enero de 2003,
cuando la Revolución bolivariana ha vivido horas cruciales para la
defensa de su supervivencia. El volumen es obra de la Editorial
Plaza, y fue sacado a la luz en tiempo récord por la imprenta Alejo
Carpentier, de La Habana. Este sitio Web pone este libro a
disposición de sus lectores. Libro: "El golpe fascista contra
Venezuela" Descargar en formato compactado: Discursos de Chávez.zip Y
en inglés: The Fascist Coup Against Venezuela. Download as a .zip
file: Speeches by Chavez.zip


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