Stop the presses: Martian suicide bomber downed the shuttle!

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Feb 2 21:58:42 MST 2003


    I think it is pathetic you find humor in this.

    STS 107 was a serious scientific research expedition. Yet, there was no
small amount of hoopla in the press about the first Iraeli astronaut, both
before and after the end of the mission. And your point is?

    I forget if it was the previous shuttle mission, or the one before that,
which had the first Native American astronaut. Tribal dances were held and
Buffy St. Marie sang at a special event before the launch. Most of the press
chose not to cover it for reasons that should be obvious. A more interesting
question is why NASA chose to highlight that astronaut's participation as a
significant milestone.

    Seven people died in a dangerous mission to push forward the borders of
scientific knowlege. That it should be, and quite legitimately so given the
circumstances, the subject of keen public interest shouldn't surprise
anyone. That the administration and the kept press would use it to make
patriotic propaganda is also no surprise.

    But your political stance of myrthfully celebrating these seven deaths,
not only surprises me, but strikes me as infantile and idiotic. As for the
cartoon you pointed us to ... I think I'll stick with DC comics.


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