Stop the presses: a Martian suicide bomber downed the Shuttle!

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Mon Feb 3 00:03:16 MST 2003

 I think it is pathetic you find humor in this.
 Don't worry, Jose, I found pathetic that you don't
find any humor about the death of this cow-boys and
supergirls.  Humor is a powerful weapon against
oppressors, you may try it sometimes.

STS 107 was a serious scientific research expedition.

Really? Then most experts not at the service of the
Bush administration that evaluated the last 50 or so
missions of the Shuttle as 90% for military purposes
are wrong.

 Tribal dances were held and
Buffy St. Marie sang at a special event before the
launch. Most of the press, etc

While I don't have any simpathy for those from the
oppressed layers of society who rise to serve as token
or smokescreen for the ruling class (Mr. Powell comes
to mind as well), in this case my and many others'
humor is directed not at a Native American but a
Zionist military murderer.  Fair game in my book.

    Seven people died in a dangerous mission to push
forward the borders of
scientific knowlege. That it should be, and quite
legitimately so given the
circumstances, the subject of keen public interest
shouldn't surprise
I my understanding was a military operation covered
with the mantle of "science."  I have no simpathy
whatsoever with military officers who died in the
course of military operations at the service of US
imperialism. Jose, you'll never see any of the
advantages of the "scientific" discoveries of the
Columbia... be assured. 

    But your political stance of myrthfully
celebrating these seven deaths,
not only surprises me, but strikes me as infantile and
idiotic. As for the
cartoon you pointed us to ... I think I'll stick with
DC comics.
Of course you would prefer DC comics.  They also make
a hoopla about super-heroes of the sort of Superman
and Captain America ...I'm all for debunking that
American culture and celebrate the dark humor of the
cartoonist who poke fun on these modern time
"superman" disguised as "astronauts."

I won't use the terms idiotic and infantile to
characterize your position - as you do mine - for two
reasons: one is, I simply do not argue on those terms
and secondly, the adjective that comes to mind is not
an insult, is just a political characterization that
results from observing somebody adapting to the
consciousness and sense of humor of the enemy.



PS: Long live the dark humor of the oppressed!

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