Stop the presses: a Martian suicide bomber downed the Shuttle!

Zak McGregor zak at
Mon Feb 3 03:28:59 MST 2003

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 02:26:24 -0700
"Hunter Gray" <hunterbadbear at> wrote:

> I [like Jose] find the Paramo comments on the space tragedy very, very
> strange.  From the standpoint of poor taste, they trump anything I've
> ever seen on this list.

I am confused. Did not a known Israeli military person and six
operatives of the US imperialist regime die in a timely
military/technological screw-up? I fail to see what compassion is due or
why sensitivity is called for. What am I missing here? Is the doctrine
of all life is sacred trumping the idea that we must smash the ruling

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