consequences of U.S. warmaking

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Mon Feb 3 06:53:45 MST 2003

On Mon, 03 Feb 2003 08:34:37 -0500
Paul Flewers <hatchet.job at> wrote:

>  Living in Britain, I am all too aware of Prime Minister Blair's
>  servile attitude to the USA, but I am also concerned that opposition
>  to US policies can take the form of a pan-European imperialist
>  outlook, as I reckon that whatever happens with the war against Iraq,
>  one major longer-term consequence will be growing transatlantic
>  tensions, Europe versus America. Socialists in Europe must not
>  capitulate to this.

Why is this not in the best interests of the working class? Surely good
relations between the regions would only lead to more opportunity for
repression & oppression?

Not wanting to fight, just needing clarification please.



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