To Michael Shifter

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Feb 3 11:15:33 MST 2003

Dear Mr. Shifter,

I was startled to discover in today's NY Times that you openly admit 
that you are advising the counter-revolution in Venezuela:

 >>Michael Shifter, who closely tracks Venezuela for the Inter-American 
Dialogue, a Washington policy group, said he recently suggested to 
opposition leaders that they should simply focus on a recall referendum 
for later this year, which could lead to Mr. Chávez's ouster. Though the 
opposition had once rejected the proposal, saying it was too far off, 
they are now open to the idea, which Mr. Chávez long supported in public 

"Hopefully they will learn the lesson that they have to mount a 
long-term effort and do the political work to come up with the political 
support, to come up with an agenda," Mr. Shifter said from Washington.<<

 From the Inter-American Dialogue [sic] website, I learned that you were 
once the Latin American director of the National Endowment for 
Democracy, so I can't say that I am totally surprised at your proclivity 
for meddling in other country's affairs.

Now, as I understand it, the NED used to justify its imperialist 
interference on the basis of resisting Soviet expansion, but what excuse 
can you have possibly nowadays? Are you trying to block Venezuela from 
taking over chunks of USA territory? Are you worried that a mulatto like 
Hugo Chavez might subvert unsuspecting poor, mixed-breed elements in the 
USA? Have you ever stopped to think how inappropriate your behavior is? 
What would you make of a Venezuelan think-tank sending representatives 
to the USA in order to advise Mexican-American oil refinery workers how 
to overthrow their government? They would certainly end up behind bars, 
which is exactly where you belong.


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