labour aristocracy, cont.

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Feb 3 16:38:54 MST 2003

Lou writes:

>>To elaborate on this, it is a *fact* that not a single revolutionary
party in a G7 type country has recruited significant numbers of industrial

I seem to remember the German Communist Party recruiting a few in Lenin's
own time. And it is Lenin's theory we are debating, is it not? Or perhaps
it was false then, but valid now?

The point is valid for our times, of course, we just differ over the
reasons. I think it has something to do with historic working class defeats
and institutionalised Stalinism.

>>the main obstacle to a future construction of a powerful working class
movement is the dead weight of "vanguard" conceptions ... hammer-and-sickle
paraphernalia ...<<

Oh dear. At least the "labour aristocracy" is an attempt at  materialist
analysis. Wrong *conceptions* and the foibles of sects are unlikely to be
the main problem over the timespan we're discussing.

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