Aijaz Ahmad: World Peace in the Balance

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Mon Feb 3 16:40:38 MST 2003

World peace in the balance


As the United States continues with its extraordinary
military mobilisation against Iraq with the
subservient complicity of the United Kingdom, there is
virtually a global rebellion, from below, against the
prospect of the genocide under preparation.

THIS article is being drafted on the afternoon of
January 25, a day before the United Nations weapons
inspectors are to deliver their preliminary report to
the Security Council. Estimates of the number of Iraqi
people dead during a decade of lawless siege by the
United States-United Kingdom alliance range between
one million and a million and a half. U.N. agencies
estimate that a full-scale war of the sort that this
alliance wants to unleash might kill as many as 10
million people, through direct military action but,
even more, through the destruction of the whole
structure in which, thanks to the U.N.-supported
blockade, virtually the entire Iraqi population tries
to survive on food distributed by the same regime,
which is now the target of a "regime change" campaign.
In the name of the lofty purpose of getting rid of a
dictator, this lawless alliance has tried to pass off
its designs as something of a benevolent genocide;
millions must die so that the U.S. might gift to the
remaining Iraqis a `democracy' assembled by its
clients who are at present headed by Ahmed Chalabi, a
convicted criminal.

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