labour aristocracy, cont.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Feb 3 16:44:32 MST 2003

>I seem to remember the German Communist Party recruiting a few in Lenin's
>own time. And it is Lenin's theory we are debating, is it not? Or perhaps
>it was false then, but valid now?

Sorry, I should have been more explicit. >>To elaborate on this, it is a
*fact* that not a single revolutionary party in a G7 type country has
recruited significant numbers of industrial workers since the end of WWII.<<

>Oh dear. At least the "labour aristocracy" is an attempt at  materialist
>analysis. Wrong *conceptions* and the foibles of sects are unlikely to be
>the main problem over the timespan we're discussing.

Tom, we had an opportunity to begin to recruit workers in the 1960s, but
foolish organizational conceptions squandered whatever chance we had to
build a working class revolutionary party, even on a modest scale. Since
you think nothing was done wrong in the 1960s, obviously we will get
nowhere on this.

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