labour aristocracy, cont.

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Mon Feb 3 19:10:57 MST 2003


But Louis, fewer and fewer workers are employed in battalion strength, not
to mention brigade, or division strength.  More and more workers are
unorganized without health insurance pension plans etc. etc. etc. Working at
lower wages with greater risk to life and limb.   Those are the facts.  Not
even the Heritage Foundation disputes that.

How many enforcement actions has OSHA taken to court in 30 years?  Less than
60.  How many convictions-- not worth asking about.

Has the real standard of living declined for US workers declined since 1973?
Yes or no? The answer is an unequivocal yes.  Or maybe we're living in two
different USs.

Oh, and you want to know something else?  Who's the single largest private
employer in the US? It's Wal-Mart.  So you may think you don't mean them,
but it's them nonetheless. That's where the employment is in the US, lower
paying, reduced benefits, less privileged jobs.

I don't know how you could make it any clearer that your view of the
workers' potential has nothing at all to do with empire, privilege, transfer
of wealth, and little to do with Marx.  By your terms of analysis there
should never be a workers revolution.

Damn.  Just when I thought there might be...
Louis, if that's the case,  there ain't enough beer or enough cigars to get
us through what will prove to be an eternal and lethal darkness.

PS. I'll be sure  to tell my friends at the TA that they haven't lost faith
in capital even though they risked fines and jailing and will do so
willingly again over issues like not being killed while performing
maintenance tasks.    There's an idea, maybe Wal-Mart can start selling
caskets (made in China, of course) for the benefit of TA workers.  Synergy.
Who says the market doesn't have a solution for every problem?

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