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John Crocitti jcrocitti at
Mon Feb 3 22:37:01 MST 2003

Dear List,

In 1999, the late Pierre Bourdieu and Lois Wacquant published an article in
THEORY, CULTURE, SOCIETY entitled "On the Cunning of Imperialist Reason."
Addressing interpretations of Brazilian race relations, the authors claimed
that US social scientists were promoting the exceptional model of the US
upon a country that had a radically different reality.  The result,
according to the authors, would be diminished class and anti-imperialist
struggle as Brazilians adopted the the model of US racial divisiveness.
Bourdieu and Wacquant committed glaring errors in the article, especially
with their implication that racism was absent in Brazil.  Nevertheless, I
sense that their overall theme might be sound were it backed by better

Has anyone on the list read the article?  If so, I would appreciate your
opinions.  Even those of you unfamiliar with it, please offer ideas about
the thesis as I described it.

John C.

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