Columbia Shuttle Military Weapon

Armand Diego causebellum at
Tue Feb 4 01:12:19 MST 2003

Dear Jose had problems with the characterization of
the Columbia Shuttle as a military operation. Well,
since the Pentagon call the shots, all of them, at the
NASA, the main big shots being either active or
military officers; being the cosmonaut, as they mostly
are, military officers; having the Navy, the Military
Cartographic Service, the Department of Defense and
the National Security Office of Sattelite Operations,
among others, who are in charge of designing 90% of
all experiments aboard the Columbia and being, as they
are, all of them clasiffied experiments it is easy to
assume that Jose is wrong and that the operation is
military from toe to hair.

Now.  Jose also have a moral dilemma.  He does not
like the fact that most of the world made a pun out of
the failure of the Columbia and the accident over
Palestine, TX, which has the main street appropriately
named Reagan St.

He goes so far as to contend that making fun out of
seven professional soldiers who perished at the
service of US imperialism is the equivalent of hailing
the two jets that crashed unto the Twin Towers.  As if
we cannot differentiate between a horrific terrorist
attack that killed 3,000 innocent civilian bystanders
and an accident cause by the incompetence of military
personnel that ended the life of seven servants of the
New World Order.

I think we can all figure out the difference between
one and the other.  But not Jose, who will pray and
bow his head in respect to the lost crew of the
Enterprise.  Sorry, the Columbia.  He is the one that
should be asked: is the breakup of the Columbia the
same as the Twin Towers blow up?

One deserves condemnation, the other deserves scorn.
By the way ... why do you think that on 9/11 and
afterward they played the Twin Tower terrorist attacks
ad nauseum and barely spoke on the attack on the

But Jose, in his undisguised bowing of the head in
front of imperialist sentimentality also takes a cheap
shot at the scorn that the death of these astronauts
deserve and ask rethorically whether we, those who
think likewise, are not Posadists that think that the
Space Station is to protect us from Martian attacks.

Here again sarcasm is just a low attempt at avoiding
the political question.  Not imaginary Martian, but do
you think that the space station is unrelated, as the
space voyages, under capitalism and imperialism, are
devoid of military intentions?

Whether you believe or not, the US have a President,
Reagan who coined the idea of nuclear weapons in space
and the intricate defense system of lasers and other
devices which the popular imagination justly scorned
as the "War of the Galaxies" not precisely because
Reagan was a Posadist having nightmares about Martian
attacks, but because he saw the technological edge of
US imperialism playing a role in space to maintain and
enhance US military hegemony.

Then, dear Jose also published a useless list of the
last 20 missions and assured us in the best of
languages appropriately assigned to space experts that
only one, only one of those missions was of a military
purpose.  Privy of undisclosed secrets of state, he is
here re assuring us: these were scientific experiments
and missions, we should honor those smart assholes who
are sent up there to make our science and lives

Sorry.  Those assholes were the victims of rush
judgment and political/military mistakes.  I feel not
sorry for them or Mr. Sharon or Mr. Bush who were
planning to bask on the "glory" of undisclosed and
classified experiments.  Anything that will dent the
confidence of people in the power of those men of the
ruling classes is something we may, if we have the
humor to do so, to celebrate.

Yes.  I raise my glass of Chardonnay and celebrate the
fact that, two days ago, US imperialism and the
Zionist regime in Israel lost one opportunity for a
propaganda campaign of class and ethnic superiority
over the world.  Let history fuck them up as often and
as dramatically as possible in the same way.

This is not a public forum, where we address the
masses of people and must have the most carefully and
crafted of policies to explain the most complex set of
issues.  This is a conversational forum among alleged
Marxists who, by definition, rejoice on every setback
of their class enemies.



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