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Of course there is racism in Brazil, but it is different from the States.
Most Brazilian are of mixed races and even tri-racial, White, Negro and
American Indian. Except for the immigrants from Europe and the Middle East,
the DNA of Brazilians considered white involves American Indian blood on the
maternal side and White blood on the paternal side. President Fernando
Henrique Cardoso was an example of tri-raciality.
The blacker the person, fewer opportunities he-she has in the Brazilian
society. But expressions of racism are forbidden by law and punishable by
law. The model to which Bourdieu reffers is that in Brazil the population
considers itself one people in all the country; Negroes do not feel
separated from other persons. There is intermarriage in a proportion unknown
in any other country. The whole picture is very complicated. The poor White
is nearer to the poor Negro
than to the rich White.
The importation of the American model of separate communities risks creating
tensions that are unknown in Brazil.
Renato Pompeu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, a tri-racial.

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